Amy Schalet

Let’s Talk about Love … with Teenage Boys

Today, I published an article asking why we do not talk about love and intimacy with teenage boys.  One survey I discuss in this article always elicits strong responses from my students, especially the men: it’s a survey that shows that boys in the US chose having a girlfriend and no sex over having sex and no girlfriend by two to one.  Why is the majority response such a secret?  And why does reading about it cause such a sense of revelation?  Perhaps because as a society, we don’t acknowledge that it is normal for young men to value relationships.  Read more here

Science and Sex Education

Several co-authors and I recently published an article about science and sex education policy.  We show a disconnect between the state of most U.S. sex education and a great deal of the relevant science on adolescent sexuality. There is a wealth of evidence, for instance, showing that gender equity promotes, and gender stereotyping undermines, sexual health.  Sadly, most U.S. sex education policy and programming does not address gender equity or gender stereotyping. We hope that this will change!


Amy Schalet is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Read More...